The debut novel by Francis Young is out on sale today.

Buy your copy now from Amazon, Waterstones in Swindon, The Local Shop in Purton, or collect from Francis Young.  A Kindle edition can be purchased from Amazon.

Some of our favourite excerpts form the book:

I am a professional drummer although most of my current fan base are at the tricky age between the menopause and the first hip operation.

Rock Star?
This was no political kidnapping. They were simply after money. Rockstar equals money.

“Oh that Magic Roundabout. I don’t think that Zebedee was a drummer. All I can remember was that he had a spring coming from his arse. Everyone was always high on hallucinogenic drugs and eventually Zebedee told everyone that it was time for bed.”

“Ask for Bread and the code is Fraser Digby”

They were both six foot six inches tall. “With heels, hair and attitude we are nearly seven feet”

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