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Francis cooks up this red hot thriller

A FORMER hotelier and Adver correspondent publishes his first novel today.

Zero by Francis Young is the story of a musician who finds himself drawn into global intrigue and danger.

The jacket promises: “Eddie Zero is not your usual hero. He is a successful professional drummer from the 90s whose four interests in life are blondes, Mozart, marijuana and cricket.

“This, his first novel, takes us from Barbados to a Bedouin encampment in the Jordanian desert, via Beirut and Swindon!

“Eddie does not know how to use a gun or hit someone. He refers to himself as a wimp. He loves life, most of the time, and this novel will make you laugh, be shocked and maybe cry.”

The author, 61, ran the Pear Tree at Purton until last year, and is also a former Adver wine correspondent.

He credits his time at the Adver with honing his writing. “That gave me the discipline to do it,” he said.

Mr Young retired from hotel work after being temporarily laid low by a bug. The Pear Tree is now run by his wife, Anne, and daughter, Alix.

“They do a fantastic job,” he said, “and it’s nice from my point of view that it’s in the family.

“Writing is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

His favourite authors include Andy McNab of Bravo Two Zero fame and Lee Child, author of the best-selling Jack Reacher series.

Compared to Reacher and Andy McNab’s action heroes, Eddie Zero is anything but rugged. Mr Young wanted him to be a contrast to the usual lead characters found in such tales.

Eddie will appear in further novels.

Zero is published by Grosvenor House, ISBN 978-1-78148-701-3, and priced at £7.99.

Buy your copy now!

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